Mini Pro Co2 Bucket

Mini Pro Co2 Bucket

  • $16.95

ProCo2 buckets were created to increase your yields and overall plant growth at a minimal cost.

The Mini ProCo2 bucket is made for cloning or a smaller sized garden approximately 2x2 feet in size.
ProCo2 will start releasing higher levels of Co2 when the sealant sticker is removed from the top of the bucket. The Mini ProCo2 bucket includes a handle and s-hooks, to make it easily hang-able. No maintenance or refills are required.

Case Quantity is 12 buckets

Specs of each bucket:

Net Weight: 1- 1.5 lbs.
Height: 5"
Diameter: 4.5"
Coverage: 2' x 2' Area
Expires: 2-3 Months

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