House & Garden Amino Treatment

House & Garden Amino Treatment

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After many years of research House & Garden Amino Treatment, sets off nothing less than a sensation worldwide. House & Garden Amino Treatment is a revolutionary new product that brings noticeably higher fruiting yields, in terms of quality as well as quantity. 

House & Garden Amino Treatment also contains a unique natural growth and flowering stimulator from an extract taken from plant seeds. 

Plants always add a buffer to their seeds, a kind of plant base with-quality enzymes and amino acids which stimulate root development, growth and fruit formation in a powerful way. 

So, the use of House & Garden Amino Treatment results in better nutrient distribution in the leaves, a higher photosynthesis ratio, stronger stalks, increased root activity, better and higher fruit production and a higher sugar content in the fruit. See it and believe it! Amino Treatment, for profuse growth and flowering. 


Soil / Hydro / Coco / Aqua. For optimum Root Development, Growth and Flowering 


20 100ml: 100L water 
Give Amino Treatment with each watering until 3 weeks before harvest. First add Basic Nutrition, followed by acidification. Apply Amino Treatment and any stimulators, such as Roots Excelurator.

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