315W CMH Reflector w/ built in ballast

315W CMH Reflector w/ built in ballast

  • $279.99

Ceramic Metal Halides are here to light your way! DL Wholesale's 315W CMH fixture brings you the best of high intensity lighting and efficiency in one! This horizontally mounted CMH provides much higher amounts of plant loving UV and spectrum, helping to make your next grow the best it can be! These fixtures are great for ALL STAGES of the grow cycle. While MH bulbs are traditionally used throughout the plants vegetative stage, the increased far red spectrums of the CMH 315 makes it a great light for flowering and supplemental greenhouse lighting. Running at just 315 watts, ceramic metal halides provide an ample amount of light with a much lower heat footprint VS. traditional grow room fixtures! Reducing energy consumption is great for the planet and your pocket. The CMH 315 draws 2.6A at 120V, and 1.3A at 240V. Grow like a pro. These fixtures are great for commercial sized operations all the way down to your starter garden at home. This fixture fits all PGZX18 base ceramic metal halide lamps. Try one out today and see the true power of DL Wholesale's CMH 315 for yourself! 

Bulb not included.


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