Can Filter 66 w/o Flange

Can Filter 66 w/o Flange

  • $199.99

The Original Can Filters® are designed for the control of VOCs (paint fumes, hydrocarbons, etc...), odors, and other gaseous contaminants. Built with a proven Packed Bed Design and Pelletized Virgin Activated Carbon. This line of time tested Activated Carbon Air Filters sets the standard for Long Life, Consistent Performance, and Low Pressure Drop. Rated at a conservative 0.1 sec Contact Time, The Original Can-Filters® provide excellent value and confidence. 

Recommended Exhaust CFM: 412 CFM / 700m3h @ 0.1 sec contact time 
Prefilter: Included 
Flange Sold separately, will fit size(s): 6 - 8 - 10 
Dimensions: (with pre-filter) 
Outside Diameter: 30cm / 12 
Height: 66cm / 26 
Total Weight: 20kg / 44lbs. 
Carbon Weight: 14kg / 31lbs. 
Carbon Bed Depth: 5cm / 2 
Max Operating Temp: 80 C / 176 F 
Pressure drop at max CFM: 180pa / .75 wg

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