BioBizz Root Juice

BioBizz Root Juice

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What is Root-Juice?
Root-Juice allows an optimal development of the roots of the plant. It moreover stimulates the growth of the plants that are already rooted because Root-Juice imitates the natural life of the soil in the surroundings of the rooting. Through the strong growth of the roots, the plant is better prepared to absorb nutrients. This results in a strong plant, which guarantees a good harvest to all plant-breeders.

How can I use Root-Juice?
When All-Mix® or Light-Mix® are used, the plant can best be fed with Root Juice during the first week(s). This is indeed the week where a good rooting is important. We recommend a dosage of 1 to 4 ml per litre water.
Root-Juice has to be used on earth, coconut and in hydro- or aeroponic systems. When using in hydro systems, Root-Juice guarantees the protection of the roots.

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