Fruit Finish

Fruit Finish

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Age Old Fruit Finish is a 100% organic fertilizer formulated from certified organic nutrients especially for the specific needs of perennials, fruit bearing bushes and trees. The low nitrogen levels coupled with high phosphorous, potash, and calcium help build strong root mass, stronger stems, and denser foliage. Trees and bushes produce larger, firmer fruit and nuts when fertilized with Age Old Fruit Finish.

Age Old Fruit Finish with 1% Calcium (2-10-20) contains natural ingredients including meat and bone, composted poultry manure, blood meal, bone meal, and potassium sulfate.

Age Old Organic dry products are designed and blended to build and sustain the beneficial soil microorganism population that is necessary for healthy and robust plant growth. Age Old uses the highest quality organic feedstock that are carefully checked to assure they are free of both heavy metals contaminants and unwanted microorganisms. Age Old uses environmentally friendly sources for their entire line of organic nutrients, chelated minerals, and trace elements.

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